Today is the day that all of you have been waiting for. Today you reap the fruits of your hard labor, the reward of your six years studying very hard. Today, I come before you to celebrate with each and every one of you in this day of your graduation.

Graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements, to prepare for future opportunities to advance further. Truly, this occasion symbolizes the future of these young achievers, who in the next eight to ten years will enter the world of endless opportunities and will be the future of our nation.

Don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you reach this day. Thank your parents for their unconditional love and support for you. Thank your educators for their patience and dedication in imparting knowledge that you needed to learn. Thank your classmates for being part of your journey in this school. Thank your barangay and city officials who have helped for your school to function effectively. Most of all remember to show your appreciation and thanks to God Almighty for making all of these possible.

Dear graduates, bear in mind that it is Education that will change your lives, for this will be your winning ticket to the world of competitiveness that you will soon embark. Start your dreams with passion in every endeavor you pursue. Remember that graduation is not a time to relax, because it is not an end rather it signals the start of another chapter. You will step up to another height, a higher level of education. Embrace this higher level of education that will soon start after the vacation, for the secondary education – this higher level I am telling you will lead you to another higher level and finally will lead you to your dreams, our dreams – a better future, a progressive and a prosperous future for us and the future generation. On your shoulder lies not just your own future, but on your shoulder lies the hope of the nation.

But for today, throw your graduation caps on air, smile, enjoy and celebrate. For tomorrow will be much brighter and more joyful, for your lives are changed, are being changed and will be continually changing for the better because of the journey you are in –and that is Education.

Congratulations and Happy Graduation Day to you students of San Agustin Elementary School.